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Strangers again but with memories

There was that boy, in his early twenties

There was that boy, neither is he tall nor short

He liked coffee, and every after 3 hours he drinks it

There was that boy, with a really nice killer smile

There was that boy, his temper concealed among emotions

He would often say not much, but he opened up his mind in his eyes

There was a sweet relationship, so filled with joys and sorrows

There was a break-up, along with silences and unspoken words

There was that boy, once in LOVE

There was the two of us then fell apart- Strangers again but this time with memories






I must say English is not a joke but a big deal from the place where i came. You were born in a place where people do not speak English. In school, your English teacher pronounces Five as Fie, Name as nane. 

I must say English is far more difficult to learn than how to grow crops for the people of our region. My country is called Burma@ Myanmar which situated in Southeast Asia, official language is Burmese and majority of people do not bother to speak English.

I must say English will never be easy for our country people till we bring in-to our daily routine. We feel shy to speak in English, we do afraid to speak English because we do not have enough confidence to do so.

All in All, I must say I will never stop daring to speak English and I will learn until my breathing stops. So yeah… English is not a joke but a big deal!